Defy Doom Business School

Defy Doom Business School description: The common challenges of impact driven businesses are often: finding sustainable revenue streams, making a living from a social venture, finding routes in to sell to the public sector, and getting access to the right talent and skills. The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the challenges businesses face, who now need to recover and rebuild income while adapting to this new climate. We address this in our 6 week programme, and nurture a community of like minded support that can outlast this course.

Defy Doom Coaching

Bespoke holistic business coaching to ignite your ability to lead transformational ventures.

Coaches Beyond Borders

Coaches Beyond Borders is a volunteer-led cooperative on a mission to eradicate loneliness and re-enchant the world with a sense of belonging.  We offer FREE nature based coaching for individuals who identify as feeling isolated or lonely who are in search of connection.

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